This is Dalia

Sometimes, I experiment with fun, though mostly impractical ideas. This page is an index for some of these experiments. Projects that don't live on the web are yet to be added.

(Mostly) Finished Stuff

Projects that are in a usable state. Some of them are still being updated or need some final touches.

words wear away

Words that shrink a little bit every time they are read.

FIL Outfit Explorer

A self-sustaining set of helper tools for Flipped in Love mobile game. Don't judge.


Find a semi-transparent colour that visually matches an opaque colour.

The Hypocycle

A hypnotising experiment with css animations.

Squiggly Line Generator

I once wanted smoke, but I got squiggly lines instead.

GFM TOC Generator

A markdown table of contents generator, GitHub flavoured.

USB Data Filters

Basic filtering options for Urban Sciences Building data.

AR Marker Layout Generator

Distribute ARToolkit markers evenly around a specified page size.


A text generator in the style of Hyman Kaplan.

Uncensor Text

A text generator that inserts a zero width space between every two characters. Sometimes helps with censorship.

Work in Progress

Might be buggy or slightly broken, but I still have plans for these.


A biased visualisation of word frequency in a text.


A virtual ambient walk through a fictional town. Draw a path and hit Enter.


Read every occurrence of a word in a text at once.


Music taylored to your heart rate. Extremely unfinished.

Irrelevant Space

My personal blog in the making. Uses Obsidian for content management.


I may or may not come back to these projects at some point.

Quizlet Word Parser

A tool to extract data from Quizlet flashcards.

Say Hello

Reach me at [email protected].